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AURA & LULA Technologies

The AURA Team is thrilled to share some exciting news that marks a significant milestone for AURA! We have officially partnered with Lula Technologies, a leading name in the insurance industry, to enable our members to start generating revenues from renting their vehicles on and off of Turo. This partnership with Lula Technologies will empower our members and strengthen AURA’s position as a leader in the vehicle rental industry. We’re committed to continuously exploring new opportunities to enhance your experience and provide the necessary tools to succeed.


This partnership opens up a world of opportunities for all AURA members, enhancing your experience and boosting your earnings. Here’s a closer look at the benefits:



Increased Earnings:

By renting vehicles privately, we are excited to see increased revenues for all our Members. In addition to our existing platform, private rentals will pay 70% of the daily rental rate on our standard tier and 75% on our elite tier. This means more revenue flowing into your pockets, helping you maximize your investment.


Better Utilization:

With the ability to rent vehicles privately, you’ll enjoy better utilization of your assets. Your fleet won’t just sit idle when not booked through Turo; instead, they can generate income from AURA’s car rental marketplace. This dual-stream revenue model ensures that your vehicles work for you around the clock and lower your exposure to daily parking fees.


Enhanced Flexibility:

Our partnership with Lula Technologies ensures you’ll have the comprehensive coverage needed for private rentals on and off Turo. You can rest easy knowing that your vehicles and your investments are well-protected.


Individualized Policies:

You can now manage your policy with Lula Technologies. You can make policy changes, lien holder updates, payment changes, and add/remove vehicles at your leisure.



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