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Orlando’s Scenic Drives: Exploring the Florida Countryside

Venture beyond Orlando's city limits and discover the charm of Florida's countryside. Scenic drives through rolling hills, fragrant orange groves, and shimmering lakes offer a different kind of magic.

Introduction: While Orlando’s theme parks captivate millions, the surrounding Florida countryside offers its own enchantment. Embark on scenic drives that meander through citrus groves, past shimmering lakes, and into the heart of Old Florida.

The Charm of Central Florida’s Backroads: Away from the interstate highways, Central Florida’s backroads tell a story of a bygone era. Historic towns, local farm stands, and panoramic vistas offer a refreshing contrast to Orlando’s bustling tourist hubs.

Driving Routes to Consider:

  • Lake County Scenic Drive: Navigate through a tapestry of lakes, from the vast expanse of Lake Apopka to the quaint shores of Mount Dora. Stop by local eateries and antique shops along the way.
  • Orange Blossom Trail: Experience the fragrance of blooming orange groves, especially during spring. This route offers a glimpse into Florida’s rich citrus industry.
  • St. Johns River Loop: Follow the meandering St. Johns River, with opportunities for boat tours, fishing, and spotting wildlife.

The Advantage of a Rental Car: Having a rental car provides the freedom to explore at your own pace. Take detours, stop for impromptu picnics, and truly immerse yourself in the Florida countryside.

Conclusion: Orlando’s scenic drives offer a journey into the heart of Florida. With each turn, discover landscapes, stories, and experiences that showcase the state’s diverse charm.




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